Smucker Family History

Family Owned – Family Grown

The Smucker Family-1960

The early tavern sign swinging in the wind showed a man with a bird perched in his hand, and the Conestoga wagoners (many of whom could drive a team of six horses a lot better than they could read) knew that they had arrived at the Bird-in-Hand Hotel.

The properties that make up the Bird-in-Hand Corporation are a successor to that early coach stop and the warm hospitality that greeted weary travelers. Its beginnings date back to 1911 when Jonathan Stoltzfus, great grandfather to the current generation of Smuckers operating the businesses, bought a sixty-acre farm. For over 50 years the Smucker Family farmed the land before developing part of the family homestead into a motel. Today John & Jim Smucker, the third generation, oversee the operations of the Bird-in-Hand Corporation which include the companies listed at the bottom of this page.

Our Restaurant on opening day.

The Smucker Family Homestead, located across from the Family Inn and Restaurant, has been in the family since 1911 and is farmed today by the fourth generation of Smuckers.

The Bird-in-Hand Corporation

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Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505
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Wishing You Love, Joy & Peace From The Smucker Family
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