We Call It “Porching”…

Porch Photo

Sundays in the Lancaster County Amish tradition are all about church and family.  After morning chores—cows still need to be milked and animals fed, even on the Day of Rest—Sunday begins in earnest with worship at a neighboring farm or family devotions.  As noon approaches, the day transitions over lunch, and the time for visiting friends and family begins.

That’s why visitors to these parts are fascinated by all the buggies they see on the road Sunday mornings.  If they’re lucky, they may discover a field of buggies, there for that morning’s worship.  Ah, but the afternoon is all about “porching” with family and friends.

“Porching” may not be an Amish term, but for the Smucker family—now Mennonite Anabaptists by faith—it’s how they continue this tradition of Sunday afternoons and evening porch visits with grandparents, great-grandparents and friends.  Intergenerational love and laughter abound as tales are told, stories shared and memories kept alive.

Drive around the back roads of Bird-in-Hand and Intercourse along the Old Philadelphia Pike most any warm Sunday, and you’re sure to catch glimpses of “porching” in progress.  We invite you to carry the spirit of this custom home with you.

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